January is here! Our 2022 Alzheimer Awareness Month Calendar Raffle is now underway with prizes for the week being drawn every Monday, be sure to check in to see the winners. Winners will be contacted by their preferred contact method provided.

Day 1: Niagara Parks Attraction Pass: 0553 Sharon Y.
Day 2: Farm Boy Fresh Goods: 0570 Fran M.
Day 3: Golf Accessory Package: 0437 Calvin E.
Day 4: Godfather’s Certificate: 0086 Neale G.
Day 5: Log House Gift Card & Charcuterie Board: 0245 Anita M.
Day 6: Kids Bundle: 0544 Glenda D.
Day 7: Alzheimer Society Swag Bundle: 0410 Lynne D.
Day 8: Golf Accessory Package: 0102 Lydia S.
Day 9: Keurig Coffee Machin + Pods: 0112 Albert L.
Day 10: 3 For 1 Glasses: 0576 Nicole R.
Day 11: Kitchen Bundle: 0235 Walter L.
Day 12: Hockey Hall of Fame: 0526 Arlene J.
Day 13: Personal Hobby Bundle: 0543 Steve M.
Day 14: Pharmasave Gift Basket: 0565 Michele A.
Day 15: Home Decoration Bundle: 0238 Cindy B.
Day 16: Stationary/Kitchen Bundle: 0041 Tony K. Jr.
Day 17: Capeesh Restaurant Gift Certificate: 0038 Rob L.

Next Draw Date: January 24th (Day 18-24)
Please note that due to the effects of Covid-19 the website may not be updated until Wednesday, January 26th. We appreciate your understanding and wish you the best of luck.