Dad …

Thank You for your guidance even though I wasn’t aware of the responsibility taken on by a Parent.  Teenage years were all about me and although you tried to guide me I was oblivious to your efforts, and in the mind of a young teen thought you didn’t know much, I knew it all.  Little did I realize as I was growing into a young woman, so were the values, the countless talks and even the punishments, becoming part of who I was to be.

Days turned into years, I married, raised children and faced many of the issues that you faced raising me.  It seems like I woke up one day and the man I called Dad now was looking for help and understanding.  You lived life to the fullest everyday … playing hockey, hunting, fishing, golfing, pool tournaments and never needed or asked for help from anyone.

Alzheimer’s I never thought about this disease, never knew what it was, but I do now.  Slowly it is taking away the man I call Dad.  Each day you struggle with tasks, each day you attempt to keep your pride and although there are many times your thoughts cannot be completed in a sentence, you smile and apologize for the fact that you can’t tell me what you want to.  You don’t have to, I know when I look into your eyes or at times when you take my hand and say I love you, I know.

You weren’t perfect, none of us are, you made mistakes, all of us do, but your love, patience, kindness and understanding has come full circle and without hesitation I give it back to you.  You did a good job Dad; you raised a daughter who has the highest respect, love, and admiration for you.  I will always be there for you, always listen, always try to understand, always be patient, always love you.

Your Daughter,

I wrote this for my Dad who has Alzheimer’s.
As this disease progresses it will erase all memories of his life, including me.


June 2016