Happy National Volunteer Week!

On behalf of the entire team at the Alzheimer Society ASBHNHH, we take special pride and gratitude in celebrating National Volunteer Week with you, our Volunteers!

This year, Volunteer Canada’s theme states: “Volunteering weaves us together, strengthening the fabric of our community by sharing our time, talent and energy to support one another.”

After some challenging years through the pandemic, your continued support and engagement have strengthened our programs and services, ensuring that people living with dementia and their care partners are well supported in our communities.

For all our volunteers that have continued to dedicate their, time, talent and energy to our clients, staff, managers, directors; board members and our CEO, volunteers truly weave our organization together!

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week 2023, we acknowledge your generous work during this week and throughout the year!


David Wallis, Manager

Health Promotion, Education & Volunteer Services.