Discover the transformative power of art therapy with the Alzheimer Society, Creative Expressions Arts program. This program is supported by the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility’s Seniors Community Grant. Our initiative is dedicated to enhancing the lives of persons living with dementia and their care partners through creative exploration. Through artistic expression, we aim to diminish psychosocial behaviors, foster sociability, and stimulate cognitive engagement.

As the Creative Expressions Arts Facilitator for Hamilton, I have developed an original arts curriculum tailored for persons living with dementia. This curriculum seamlessly blends social and cognitive exercises with therapeutic art activities. Each Creative Expressions session highlights a classical art piece or technique. These are translated into an activity that can be enjoyed by both persons living with dementia and care partners. From vibrant painting sessions to collage art and flower arranging, each experience has shown the remarkable ability of art to uplift and connect. All curated art sessions include dementia-friendly communication techniques, mindful facilitation, mobility considerations, visual aids, and step-by-step instructions. I aim to empower participants to explore different art mediums, which encourages the development of new skills and self-expression. Arts-based interventions can lead to improvements in self-esteem, concentration, and memory (Emblad & Mukaetova-Ladinska, 2021), exercising areas of the brain that remain functional (Camartin, 2012).

“I have developed an original arts curriculum tailored for persons living with dementia.”

Christina Horvath

Creative Expressions Facilitator

“Finding Peace, Serenity and Joy”

By: Maureen

“Mixing It Up”

By: Stephan

“The Inner Mind”

By: Jan

“Holiday Dream”

By: Brigitte

A standout moment was our excursion to the Art Gallery of Hamilton, where persons living with dementia and their care partners toured the gallery and participated in a watercolour program. This outing offered a unique opportunity to mingle with friends, explore art, and engage with their local community. By facilitating such outings, we acknowledge the importance of inclusion and meaningful participation for individuals living with dementia. It sends a clear message that they are valued members of the community whose perspectives and experiences matter.

At the Alzheimer Society, we encourage persons living with dementia and their care partners to explore the enriching possibilities of art therapy. Together, let’s cultivate a supportive community where creativity knows no bounds.

The Creative Expressions program is offered from September to April. We look forward to another season of this program starting in the fall.

Author: Christina Horvath – Creative Expressions Arts Facilitator


Camartin, K. (2012). The use of art therapy with persons with dementia. Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal, 25(2), 7-15.

Emblad, S. Y., & Mukaetova-Ladinska, E. B. (2021). Creative art therapy as a non-pharmacological intervention for dementia: A systematic review. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports, 5(1), 353-364.

“The Queen’s Menagerie”

By: Mike


By: Sharon

“A Busy Life”

By: Melanie

“Very Exciting”

By: Jerry